The Eastern Wastes

Although knowledge of the Eastern Wastes (The Ur Kingdoms, “al Mamlik’at Ur’a”) is limited, scribes have returned from that blasted land with tales of strange cities and exotic locales.

Northern Ur (Dar al Shimel-Ur)

- Map -

Sultanate of Giddah

Al Muhammara
Al Rashid

Sultanate of Ayyub

Bur Nizwa
Bur Muscat
As Samwa

Other Locations

Wadi Tower
Gefib Dunes
Qina Basin
The Great Glass Desert
Beleit (Devil’s Triangle)
Kolebi Hills

Southern Ur (Dar al Janub-Ur)

Little is known of Southern Ur and it’s sultanates. In the last fifty years, the Sultanate of Mamlik began to subjugate other sultanates in the region.

Sultanate of Mamlik


Sultanate of Yafa

Sultanate of Nejid

Alfaqir Emirates


The primary language of those who live in the Ur Kingdoms is Alcaz. There are several dialects by tribe or settlement (such as Rashidan) and over 50 different languages scattered across the Eastern Wastes.

The Eastern Wastes

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