Eastern capital of the Sylveon Empire. Peevish is governed by Duke Vogner, but the true power is a balance between high priests of the Dosris faith and the powerful alliance of “High Guilds” who base their operations in the city. Peevish sees a great deal of traffic traveling to and from the Eastern Wastes and hosts a Great Market that boasts numerous exotic goods from the desert kingdoms.

Peevish’s economy is largely based on commodity goods like grain, wool, cloth, and most prominently, stone. The city’s proximity to the Giant’s Spire mountains and nearby quarries makes Peevish the gateway to supplying most of the Empire’s stone and various minerals (including highly sought after Peevish marble). The Stonecutter’s Guild have many members in prominent positions throughout the city for this reason.


Peevish is separated into three main wards:

High Ward
High-ranking guild members, merchants and the Duke all reside in this ward, which is separated from both the Church and Low wards by a 6-meter thick city wall topped by parapets and constantly patrolled. There is a large park where many of the citizen’s wealthy can spend leisure time, and the elite city guard are station in a large row of buildings known as the “Royal Barracks.”

Church Ward
This area of the city is reserved for city administration buildings, libraries, and for temples and churches of all Imperial faiths (and even a shrine to Rostric). The High Church of Dosris is the most prominent of all buildings in this ward, and carries the most influence on its streets.

Peevish’s bureaucracy, neatly divided but ever intertwined with the faithful of the city, also occupies this ward, including the large Town and Assembly hall and other public meeting places. City stockpiles and warehouses border these buildings, in the northmost section of the burough.

The Great Market also dominates this ward. Occupying several blocks in the south west portion of the ward, vendors from all over the Empire, including the Dryan Archipelago and the Eastern Wastes ply their trades daily and nightly. The market is always crowded and busy and an ideal meeting place for travelers of all ilk. It is also one of the most densely patrolled neighborhoods in the city, making it one of the safest places in the Empire to do business.

Low Ward
The majority of the city’s population, including craftsmen, servants, quarry workers, smiths and other common born dwell in the Low Ward, the largest section of the city. Most city traffic, including the majority of the Gunderson-Peevish road, passes through the Low Ward. Inns, bathhouses, shops, the famed Magician’s row and the Lower Guild halls (including the Stonecutter’s guild) can also be found in this part of the city. Much of the day-to-day life of the city goes on here and most of its regular business as a member of the Empire.

Notable locations in Peevish

The Holy Ghost (Inn & Tavern)
The Brave Bully (Tavern / Adventurer Hangout)
Butcher’s Square (Shops)
Mug’s Tavern
Stonecutter’s Guild
Magician’s Row
High Church of Dosris
The Grand Library
The Great Market

The following main gates offer travel into and out of the city of Peevish:
Imperial Gate
Southgate (Lowgate & Poorgate)


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