Description: Followers of Janos include artists, madmen, berserkers, and intellectuals—anyone who embraces chaos, passion and the creative spark. They understand that noting is permanent in the universe and that life, like flowing water, can take on many forms and lead to many different destinations. Followers can be very consumptive, indulging greatly into such things as food, drinking, sex and even knowledge.

Due to the transitive nature of the faith, the common consensus regarding Janos’ aspect is not to assign any gender to the deity. Janos is represented often in androgenous incarnations, but also as male or female, depending on the context.

Temples of Janos scattered throughout the Empire, with the largest situated in Kolesh. The yearly Bakkan festival brings followers of Janos to the forefront, an occasion that can bring turmoil and strife just as easily as celebration.

Aliases: The Ever-Changing

Associated Deities:

Favored Weapon: Rapier

Domains: Chaos, Luck, Water


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