History of the Sylveon Empire

The following represents the knowledge any typical citizen of the Sylveon Empire could relate as their understanding of the history of recent events (within the last 100 years).

Nearly 100 years ago, something changed in the Sylveon Empire. The ancient line of Emperor Kings, ruling from the city of Kolesh, came to a swift and violent end, as high born and nobles across the Empire were suddenly supplanted by a new ruling class. Rather than throwing the Empire into chaos, it was almost as if some grand design had propelled this change by way of a carefully calculated strategy. Trade remained uninterrupted, laws still separated the high-born and the low, worshippers still flocked to the same churches and temples as they had before.

Instead of an Emperor, those heroes involved in the coup formed a council instead, with members of the legendary Five-fingered Hand of Dosris comprising its core. Calvas and Berngus Nefters, one a skilled politician, one a revered cleric of Dosris; Hapsford Dioteva, the founder of the Empire’s most skilled Guild of Warrior Mages, the Tarvish-tha; Thendor, the most massive elf; and Praxandanthilus the Younger, a powerful wizard whose noble lineage made much of the transferrence of power possible. They helped rule for a time, but as were their nature as seekers of adventures, all eventually went their separate ways. Praxandanthilus’ disappearance was of particular note, as a good portion of the south city wall of Kolesh disappeared along with him.

Most citizens of the Empire were not blind to what had occurred, and in fact, in many locations, especially the thriving lake city of Gunderson, there was insurrection and celebration, but in all cases it was short-lived. There was a way things were done in life, and everyone was used to it being that way, so not much really changed anywhere. And so it has continued.

History of the Sylveon Empire

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