Al Muhammara

Al Muhammara is a village with a population of 200 or so, and is bounded by a small portion of arable land where farmers grow grain and herd goats. The village’s primary trade is in glass collected from the Great Glass Desert. A family of artisans going back hundreds of years has nearly perfected the art of glassware and crafts everything from vases and bowls to stained and colored glass.

Notable Locations

Kame’leh Tavern
The proprietor is Ali al-Ghanem, a widower. His three daughters Naiifa, Sabeeha, and Zulfa help him run the family business.

Nihai Shrine
Priest: Abyad

Ara Narai Shrine
Priestess: Randa

Rostric Shrine
Priestess Shajee’a or Shaja

Open-air market
A farmer’s market, open daily. Food, clothing, general goods, glassware, and some weapons and armor can be found here.

Zujaz Glass Merchants
Headquarters of glass merchants who make glassware exclusively from glass harvested from the Great Glass Desert. Some of their merchandise has magical properties and is generally treasured as spiritual or aesthetic stained pieces.

Master craftsman Fayyad al-Shahid
Merchant Hamaama al-Bashara (deceased)
Children Saaihira and Jumaana (orphaned)

Al Muhammara Cemetery

Alcazi Guard House

Granary and Water storage

Al Muhammara

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