Into the Sands

Journey to the Nihai Oasis

PCs left the war camp in the morning and traveled to Dala oasis. There they rested and planned their trip.

They set off in the afternoon and made it into the desert. They camped in their tents at night.

At some point in the night, a swarm of scorpions began to infiltrate the tent. Magnus was stung and poisoned but managed to shrug it off after some healing attention from Gillen. Mustafa and Avariel tracked the scorpion swarm over the nearby dunes before it eventually scattered. They found a circle of stones reminiscent of a summoning circle used by Heshan sorcerers, but no enemy was in sight.

The next day they set off across the desert. Partway through the day they were ambushed by a pair of fiery sandhogs. Luckily, Tancred managed to put them both to sleep and having killed one, the party wisely decided to leave the other burrowing menace alone beneath the sands.

By the time the sun was beginning to hang low in the sky, the party could see Nihai Oasis in sight, or rather the huge barrier that enveloped the oasis, a giant green construct visible through the desert haze. They began to ride toward it.


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