Into the Sands


In less than a century, an upstart new Empire has grown into a behemoth civilization, bringing prosperity and wealth the likes of which the land has not seen for thousands of years. The demand of its citizens and vision of its leaders demand constant expansion and resources. And like the hungry, devouring beast it has come to resemble, the Empire’s grasp is once again beginning to reach beyond its borders. The Eastern Wastes, once an empty expanse of tiny warring nomad tribes, has unified behind a mysterious prophet-King who is bent on repelling this relentless expansion. And so the sands begin roiling with unrest, and war, and soon they will turn from golden white to the color of blood.

A lone mercenary band, looking for opportunity and for some of its members, an escape from the lessons of the past, ventures into the Waste on an errand for a high-ranking officer in the Imperial army. Their quarry is out there, somewhere in the dunes, and the secret it carries may provide the solution that could finally tip the war in the Empire’s favor.

This campaign takes place in the same game world as The Golden Hand of Benevar.