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The party

Links to party members.
Magnus Hardsword (Allan)
Denris Derkins (Ian)
Mustafa Ali Ali El Rashid (Dave)
Gillen Axeheart (Shawn)
Avariel Leadon (Xie)
Tancred (Tom)


Links to notable NPCs.

The Hand of Dosris


Links to notable locations.

The Sylveon Empire

al Mamlik’at Ur’a (Kingdoms of Ur)

The Sylvan Kingdom

The Outer Lands


Links to pantheons, descriptions of individual deities and their followers

Imperial Pantheon

Other Pantheons


Information on denizens encountered in the Eastern Wastes


Find out more about Yveltal.

History of the Sylveon Empire

The Hand of Dosris

The Shadow Hounds

History of the Sylvan Kingdom


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