Into the Sands

Journey to the Nihai Oasis

PCs left the war camp in the morning and traveled to Dala oasis. There they rested and planned their trip.

They set off in the afternoon and made it into the desert. They camped in their tents at night.

At some point in the night, a swarm of scorpions began to infiltrate the tent. Magnus was stung and poisoned but managed to shrug it off after some healing attention from Gillen. Mustafa and Avariel tracked the scorpion swarm over the nearby dunes before it eventually scattered. They found a circle of stones reminiscent of a summoning circle used by Heshan sorcerers, but no enemy was in sight.

The next day they set off across the desert. Partway through the day they were ambushed by a pair of fiery sandhogs. Luckily, Tancred managed to put them both to sleep and having killed one, the party wisely decided to leave the other burrowing menace alone beneath the sands.

By the time the sun was beginning to hang low in the sky, the party could see Nihai Oasis in sight, or rather the huge barrier that enveloped the oasis, a giant green construct visible through the desert haze. They began to ride toward it.

Encounter with a Dark Stranger and... Approaching the Pass
Journey to Alcazar

Placeholder for adventure log describing events upon departure of Lastlook.

The PCs travel through the Drunken Plains, rescue a wine merchant from an overgrown Ankheg, and spend the night at Wayfarer’s Rest, where they encounter dark-garbed assailant who manages to elude their pursuit. The next day brings them to the gateway outpost of Eagle Fort.

A brilliantly executed rescue
If a little messy....

Placeholder for Adventure Log detailing the PCs encounter on the road to Alcazar and the ensuing rescue of the mining town of Stonewash.

Camels, camels, camels
And what was in the damn coffee, anyway?

(Backstory.) Characters answered a grand call for orc exterminators in near the town of Shadmont in the shadow of the White Fall mountains. 15 orc scalps are procured, a modest bounty. They make their way back to Peevish for a reward.

After cashing in, the mercenary band finds themselves in the Brave Bully tavern (Laramie, proprietor).

Mustafa receives a letter from his childhood friend Mifus (pronounced “MEE-foos”). He is informed that the leader of the Alcazar garrison of the army of the Sylveon Empire, Lord Rathborne, has requested Mustafa’s mercenary company to go on a special mission for him. (Note: letter was magically encrypted. Required a ‘read magic’ spell from Tancred to decipher after failed check from Denris.)

Mifus communicates that Lord Rathborne has already reserved 250GP for each party member if they simply accept the mission, and an addition 250GP if they reach Alcazar by the end of the month (it is currently the first day of the month, how convenient!). There are also mounts waiting for them at the local Livery in Peevish.

The characters discuss it over, and seem to come to an agreement that they’ll accept this job. They agree to go to the bank in the morning, and maybe the market as well to prepare for their journey.

Mustafa, Tancred and Magnus take some serving wenches to their room and everyone gets some sort of night’s rest. The party tips Laramie as he was the bearer of good news.

In the morning, the group straggle downstairs to find food and drink waiting for them. Laramie is out, or still asleep, and his goliath cousin Jor is running things in the common room. The group eats and discusses their plan.

Midway through their breakfast, Jor’s voice can be heard booming from the back. “This is the fifth time, you little rat!” He emerges from the kitchen, holding up a squirming teenager by the collar, and makes a bee-line for the front door. He swings it wide and tosses the lad out on his rump. “And stay out!” Jor grumbles, slamming to door and shaking dust from the rafters.

At this point Denris inquires what the boy’s done wrong. Indicating the sour coffee that Tancred has been drinking. “He’s been putting something in the coffee,” Jor says, spitting in disgust at the floor. “Anyway, enjoy your breakfast.”

Denris, Tancred and Gillen then leave the tavern on their own, following the boy out into the street. Mustafa, Avariel, and Magnus head to the Church Ward to withdraw funds and do some shopping.

Denris catches up with the boy in an alley. He is standoffish at first, but the affable nature of Denris seems to ease his concerns. Denris is able to glean from the boy that there is something hidden near where the coffee is kept in the storeroom of the Brave Bully. It’s some sort of list, and the boy seems to believe that if he steals it he can get into the thieve’s guild. He then scurries off.

Meanwhile, Mustafa, Avariel and Magnus have made their way through the Low Ward and into the Church Ward, and head into the Great Market. They discover booths and pavilions, the Market is still pretty crowded despite the wet day.

The three stop at a clothing vendor named Rami who is from the Eastern Wastes. Mustafa engages the shopkeeper and discusses purchasing travel clothing for surviving the hot sands. They haggle and agree on a price of (will insert when I remember GP) and outfits are tailored for the party memebers. Rami also recommends his cousin Basra the Camel Merchant who has a tent not too far from here.

Magnus buys a silvered kukri from Rami and Avariel gets a fan as a bonus with the deal. All three make their way to the bank, where they are eventually joined by Tancred, Denris and Gillen.

There is must discussion about the efficacy of camels. Mustafa buys 3 more. The rest of the party retrieves mounts from the Livery.

The party sets out from Peevish towards the city of Alcazar along the Gunderson-Peevish road.

The Campaign Begins!
Trouble in a small town...

Characters are generated! Next session is 02/25/2014 @8PM.

Campaign Pre-Planning
about to get underway!


Next session is 2/18/2014. See the Facebook group

We’ll stat up characters and get started. Please check the Files section on FB for the Player’s Handbook and other information.

FYI, here is our method for rolling up character ability scores:

  1. Roll 7 sets of 4d6.
  2. For each 4d6, keep the 3 highest rolls to calculate your ability score.
  3. After rolling 7 sets, remove the lowest set.
  4. Count up the total modifiers from all 6 remaining scores.

    If all ability score modifiers total less than 7, reroll, beginning with Step 1
    If all ability score modifiers total more than 11, reroll, beginning with Step 1.
    If ability score modifiers total between 7 and 11, keep the scores you rolled.

  5. Once all 6 ability scores have been rolled, decide which scores to assign to which ability.

Player A rolls 7 sets of 4d6 and gets the following results:
16 (3)
9 (-1)
12 (
10 (0)
14 (
11 (+0)
5 (-3)

In this case, the “5” result is automatically removed because it is the lowest. The total modifiers of remaining scores are: 3-1+1+2-3 = 2. Since total modifiers have to equal at least 7, Player A must reroll.

Player A rerolls:
8 (-1)
17 (3)
12 (
14 (2)
15 (
11 (+0)
9 (-1)

This time Player A was luckier. The “8” result is removed. The total modifiers of remaining scores are: 3+1+2+2-1 = 7. Since total modifiers are between +7 and +11, this character is acceptable. The Player then assigns these stats to his/her ability scores.

Example using the above scores

Str 17
Dex 15
Con 12
Int 14
Wis 9
Cha 11

These scores would make a good fighter.

Optional: To provide some flexibility in case players want to tweak a bit, rolled ability scores can be adjusted using a “Points Plus” system. In this case, players can increase individual ability scores by decreasing other scores they rolled. However, in order to increase an ability score by 1 point, the player must decrease another ability score by 2. Furthermore, no ability score can be reduced to a point where the modifier is negative (meaning no ability score can be reduced below 10). Also, no ability score can be boosted above 18.

And that’s it!


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